Sunday, 5 June 2011

Mary-Jane and The Strawberries

Mary-Jane and I went for a mooch out in the garden. MJ seems to love it outside. This is the first time she has sat on the grass. Another first was the strawberries. She has had strawbs before, but never out of the garden. Picked from the stem and given straight to her. Very tasty. They smelled sweet and I wished there was more ripe! HK looked so very proud of his little girl, sitting on the grass, eating the strawbs that he had grown for her.
I think the photos speak for themselves.


paula said...

Our neighbors, across the street, have a son who turned 1 this past spring. Momma has had him outside quite a bunch and she laughs at his 1st sit on the grass . . she said he held his legs up as high as he could . . didn't fuss, but she new he wasn't sure what was ouching his legs . . . LOLOL

TO be able to sit, so comfortably, on the grass like MJ . . ah, the good old days, huh? Nothing to worry about except . . when's the next meal . . no, wait, that's exactly what I do in retirement. LOLOL

CarpeDyem said...

Sounds like a grand life! MJ loves being outside. She loves the chooks and squeals when they are running!