Wednesday, 29 June 2011

St Bee's

This afternoon we had a trip to St Bee's. St Bee's only takes 10 minutes by car, a very handy and close beach to go to. St Bee's is famous for being one end of Wainwrights Coast to Coast Walk. I think it may also be noteworthy for other things, but I'm not sure what else.
Here is a view of St Bee's Head, the beach and one of the paths to the beach. It was lovely sunny day with a warm sea breeze. The air was clear and the Isle of Man was visible, as well as some of the off shore wind farms.
Here is a little more info about St Bee's and the Coast to Coast Walk.
It was Mary-Jane's second trip to the beach. She seemed to enjoy it much more than her first trip. We managed to actually get onto the sand. It was firm and wet, so I could push the buggy - handy! We hadn't originally planned to go to the beach, so had not prepared for it. We were going to Keswick, but by the time we got in the car to set off, we would've spent about half an hour there before having to come back to get Mary-Jane her tea and bed.
I took Mary-Jane's shoes off so she could feel the sand in her feet and try her paddling in a rock pool. She took well to the sand, the new sensation of something squidging between her toes. Next time we shall all be prepared!
I then tried to wet her feet, just a little, so she could feel the water lapping over her feet. She seemed to take to it. We shall be more adventurous next time.
Here is Mary-Jane and I. I think it's a lovely photo. One for the albumn!
We headed for the local cafe, had a cuppa and a cream scone before heading back. I like St Bee's Head. In the background you can see rocks. These are great fun to clamber over and investigate rock pools. Lots of fun and learning to be had. And that's before the actual sea is explored!

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