Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Summer Hat

I'm making the Summer Hat in Knit 39. It's a very pretty, lacy hat. Unfortunatley I'm having problems. I'm not following my own golden rules - don't knit when I'm tired and count, count, count. You can see where this is going. Most nights I sit to knit, I'm tired. I've not been stitch counting either. It started off that I didn't really need to as there was not too many stitches and it was easy to tell the start/end of each pattern repeat. Then the overall stitch count increased and being the brain box that I am, I never twigged on to use stitch markers. Of course with lace patterns, stitch counts are so important. In this one, one stitch out and it's noticeable. Plus there is increasing to contend with.
I've spent equal time tinking as knitting. I'm just having a break in tinking. I know where I've gone wrong, I think. It's two rows down. Tink, tink, tink. I'm adding stitch markers as I go. I could of, should have, finished this project a while ago. Oh the ode to knitting whilst tired.

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