Friday, 8 July 2011

Mary-Jane and the chair

Mary-Jane is getting quite grown up, both physically and mentally. She has been able to sit up un-aided for some months. She likes sitting in 'proper' chairs, especially at the table. She loves being involved in the happenings in the kitchen and joins in with the chatter.
Here she is sat in HK's trusty computer chair in Grandma's office. She looks like she might be contemplating doing some filing!
And here is the little lady herself, holding onto the chair arm. She is now able to pull herself up to standing position. Her crawling is coming along a treat. She can crawl a few steps now. Today, we stood her up by our living room door to measure her height. It is somewhere that her 12 year old cousin has his height measured, ever since Mum & Dad moved into the house. So at the grand old age of ten and a half months, Mary-Jane is 29.5 inches - half an inch off two and a half feet!! It doesn't seem believable. Another two inches and she will be half my height!


paula said...

These pictures just make me smile .

CarpeDyem said...

She is getting bigger and taking on more each and every day!