Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Sunday Morning in the Garden

I've been waiting for a nice sunny morning to spend some time out in the garden. There is only really one shaded spot in the garden, not counting the front. It's dappled shade is beautiful. We took a blanket out, with some of Mary-Jane's toys and Rhinog.
The green thing in the background is the old oil tank. HK and Mary-Jane are enjoying being in the shade. Rhinog was a bit restless and trying not to settle too close to MJ.
The dog himself, Rhinog, lapping it all up.
MJ and Daddy playing and looking round.
MJ with her new octopus that she had the day before from the church fair.
It was nice and relaxing sitting here. Mary-Jane loves being out in the garden. When we head towards the back door and she knows we are going into the garden, she squeals and squeals.

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