Monday, 11 July 2011

New Yarn From Penrith

On Saturday we all (apart from HK) went to Penrith for the day. The weather was lovely, the last time I went was January, a week or two after we moved here. It's quite a nice town, touristy without being commercial
Penrith is blessed with a couple of yarn shops. In Penrith Crafts, I was treated to a ball of Rico Loopy. In Shades of Wool, Mary-Jane and I were treated to some Sirdar Snuggly Stripey Smiles, Sirdar Summer stripes and two balls of regia sock yarn. I'd been looking out for the stripey smiles since I saw it in a couple of magazines.
Despite all my best intentions, I didn't want to start anything new until I had at least finished my Thora Scarf. Temptation of new yarn did away with my best intentions. Last night I cast on the stripey smiles. I'm doing a cap sleeved cardi for Mary-Jane. The pattern is a sirdar one, number 1915. The image shows the back piece. I'm about two inches or so off doing the arm hole shaping. Just prior to this shaping is a row of decreases, I think one in very fove or six stitches, so that will pull it in and give it plenty of swing and movement. The bottom border has decreases as well to give it the eding, plus the bobbles of course. Multi-coloured Mary-Jane. The cardi is going to look fab and hopefully shouldn't take too long to do. Then give me a massive nudge to finish a project or two at least, before I cast anything else on.


paula said...

LOVE the colors . . . I think all children's clothing should be colorful . . .so many American Moms are dressing their daughters in browns and pinks . . with an emphasis on the brown . . poor babies, they need COLOR ! ! ! ! !

CarpeDyem said...

I love colour! I've been cracking on with the cardi for MJ and am not far off finished the second front, so just the two cap sleeves and the button band to do - hopefully done by the end of the weekend!

Wonky Watt said...

That yarn is so pretty Cez. I love it. Have you finished it yet?

CarpeDyem said...

The colours are wonderful, I have finished the garment and will try and get finished pictures up! Brown and pink do go nice together, but I think for babies it needs to be more pink than brown!