Monday, 4 July 2011

Calder Bridge Church Fair

Mary-Jane, Mum & I went to Calder Bridge Church Fair on Saturday. It's the same church that I took photos of, for the walk. Mary-Jane and I walked to Calder Bridge as it was a gloriously sunny day. I didn't realise how hot it was till just after we started off, so when we got there I was glad of a sit down. The fair was held in the Village Hall. We got there for two and it was officially opened at 2.30. You could look round the stalls before the official opening, but you can't buy anything, although you can have things put to one side. I didn't know this until after I had thrusted a pound coin into a poor girl who was stood behind a stall. Oooops.
Part of the fair is an Afternoon Tea, which we naturally had. I was full after - open egg sandwiches, gooseberry pie, scone and rum butter, a small slice of fruit cake and at least one other slice off cake. Not surprising I was full! And we bought a chocolate fudge cake to bring home, as well as a jar of apple chutney and a jar of lemon cheese.
I was introduced to a few people. I got talking to a lady on the handicraft stall. There was knitted things on the stall, need I say more. Mum knew the lady already. The upshot of the conversation was that I was invited to her Knitting Group next Monday. It's held at Santon Bridge, in a cafe. It's a normal knit and natter, no pressure to make things to sell. Sarah, the lady, did warn me that she would be haranguing me with the Gosforth Show Handicraft & Produce Class Listings. I said I'd already had one and was thinking about doing something. She was delighted. I'm looking forward to next Monday. It clashes with the other Monday group, so I shall give it a go and see which I prefer. The new one meets 2nd & 4th Monday at the moment.
I bought a purple knitted dinosaur. It really caught my eye from across the hall. I wasn't sure if I was buying it for me or Mary-Jane. Mary-Jane enjoys playing with it and I enjoy watching her play with it. Mum bought a wall tidy for MJ's room. We were lucky on the raffle as well. MJ won a bottle of Whiskey for Daddy. You could choose the raffle ticket numbers, so I chose 22 as it is MJ's Birthday, and that was the winning ticket. We also won a pair of purple table lamps and Mum won a M&S Lavender bath set.
Mary-Jane seemed to like the fair. She was looking round everywhere, at everyone. A young girl of about 5 was playing with her and she was squealing with delight. She sat at the table, in a proper chair, to have her food and looked as though she felt quite grown up.


paula said...

Isn't it great to see your child enjoy another child . . . and the 5 year old had to have been quite entertaining.

CarpeDyem said...

It wasm MJ was quite bemused and enjoying herself