Friday, 25 February 2011

Pompon Blankie and Scarf

I finished Mary-Jane's Pompon Blankie last week. I'm pleased with the finished result. The pompon knits up well, and easy, once you get the hang of it. MJ seems to like it as well, although we've not road tested it properly and used it in the pram MJ posing with her new blankie on her playmat
I bought two extra balls of the pompon. I used two to do the blankie and one to do my new scarf.
For the blankie I cast on 46 stitches. One cast on stitch between one pompon, then after that, two stitches per pompon. Knit till the end of the yarn. For the scarf I followed the pattern given on the ballband - cast on 12 stitches, one between each pompon, then knit two stitches per pompon and continue till the end of the yarn.
The finished fabric is very warm and very snuggly. I would be very very tempted to do a big blankie for me, either a lap blankie or a bed size one, recommended!
Oh in the picture I haven't weaved in the end of the yarn, that's why it's hanging down......

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paula said...

You look SO HAPPY ! ! ! ! ! ! !