Sunday, 13 February 2011

Pompon Blankie For Mary-Jane

I've been cracking on with Mary-Jane's pram blanket in the Rico Pompon. I've knitted to the end of the 200g ball and come to the conclusion that I don't like the dimensions. I think it should be about another 6 inches longer. I've had a trawl on Ravelry and am thinking stronger that it should be bigger. The more I look at it the more I think it should be wider as well. What a ball ache.

I've had a quick look round t'internet for places I can get it from and found somewhere that seems to be the best price. I am a little tempted to ring the shop in Penrith where I got it from and ask if they have anymore. They might have the same lot number.

But it's nearly midnight and I'm far too tired to make any decision at the moment. Plus I'm going to get told off for going to bed late again.

I'm just a wee bit peed off that I stayed up to finish the blankie off, only to be dis-satisfied with the end result. Don't get me wrong. It knits up lovely and the colours are right up my alley - I'm even thinking of doing me a skinny scarf in it. It's just the dimensions of the currently finished article. Why do I hear the sound of frogs?! If I had tons of dosh, I'd drive through to Penrith tomorrow (weather permitting) and get some more yarn. Oh and go to that rather wonderful fabric shop. I must stop. I am day dreaming. It's off to bed for me and will re-assess in the cold light of day! Night night! xx


paula said...

Not being a knitter, myself, couldn't you add a border to it? Or, crochet a border to make it the size you want . . or is it just too short one way?

CarpeDyem said...

I could do.....I frogged it today and have ordered two more balls this evening, watch this space!