Sunday, 6 February 2011

Nursery Road to Beckermet

Mary-Jane and I took a walk on a beautiful sunny, spring like day, down Nursery Road to Beckermet. Nursery Road runs along the back of the house. This is the view from where we started, but looking the other way! The brick wall is the side of the barn and the junction is with the A595. This is about half a mile into the walk, looking in a general easterly direction.
Taken from more or less the same place but slightly different direction, looking towards the way back.

Mary-Jane, all very well wrapped up, despite it being a lovely sunny day. She seemed to enjoy the walk.
When the weather is a bit better, I want to see what is down this lane, or how far I can go with MJ in her pram. In the distance is Sellafield.
A pretty view. I'm looking forward to talking this walk throughout the seasons.
Once I got into the village, I followed my nose to the play area. It is a lovely place to sit. I can't wait to see MJ, in time, playing here. There is a bench, by where I stood to take the photo. It is very peaceful to sit there. To feel the sun on your face and to listen to the babbling beck.
The clouds were starting to gather a little as we were heading back.
The village is only about a mile or so. Even though the walk is along a road, there is very little traffic. Much quieter than the walk to Calder Bridge. The village is down on the list for further exploration!


paula said...

isa bubbling beck what we in the states would call a bubbling brook? A small amount of water flowing through and area over rocks?

CarpeDyem said...

Yes! You are quite right Paula!