Sunday, 6 February 2011

Mary-Jane and Rooms with Views

Mary-Jane is growing and developing every day. She has always been alert and taken interest in what is around her. Now she is getting more interactive with what is around her, what she can see, what she can touch and what she can put in her mouth. Mary-Jane is still mastering sitting up, but it is fun when you're discovering books! This is the view from Mary-Jane's bedroom window. In the distance is Cold Fell.
Mary-Jane having tummy time on her play mat. She is a little way off crawling yet, although early signs are there. She sometimes pull her knees up under her bum, in readiness to crawl. She is learning that when she rolls over on to her front, to move bothe her arms from under her. She holds her neck up very strongly. Mary-Jane is doing very well!
The view from our bedroom window. You can't quite see the sea in this one, but it is there!
My Mary-Jane. Another one of her on her play mat. You can see how her face is loosing its total young baby-ness. She is beautiful. She makes my heart smile.


paula said...

I want to pinch those chubby little cheeks . . . now that I know you are blogging regularly, I must check in daily to see what is up in Cumbria.

And to think you can see the ocean from your bedroom . . .how fantastic!

CarpeDyem said...

It can only be all good stuff!