Sunday, 20 February 2011

Bed Time

Well, I was all geared up to write a couple of blog entries and I have just realised the time..... bed time and I'm feeling tired. I've even got the photo's sorted that I'm going to post. Never mind, will try tomorrow.

I've just read my good friends blog - King Arthur and Creaky Knits - and have just found out that she has have a shoulder replacement, so my thoughts are with you at the moment, Sal. At times like this, I wish 200 miles was closer!


Wonky Watt said...

Me too babe! Love ya. x

paula said...


I know you are busy with MJ and HK, but I wanted to do thi because I LOVE your blog and find your postings very interesting. For this fact, I am "Paying it Forward" by awarding you a Stylish Blogger Award.

Please visit my blog and pick your award up and then you too can Pay It Forward :0}


CarpeDyem said...

Paula - okaydiddlydokey!

CarpeDyem said...

Paula - okaydiddlydokey!