Saturday, 22 January 2011

A Jolly to Penrith

Today we went to Penrith. We got there just after 12. I did take the camera, but didn't quite get to taking any pictures, next time I shall.

I had lunch (omlette and chips followed by a take on an individual lemon meringue and ice cream) at the three crowns tea rooms. Very nice, recommdable. Afternoon tea - yes, cream scone and a brew was had at a place called Eden. Again recommendable.

Among the shops we (Mary-Jane, Mum and me) went to were a Indigo and Penrith Crafts. We picked up knitting supplies in Penrith Crafts - a knitting pattern and a Rico Knitting booklet, both for things for MJ, and a big ball of Rico Pompon yarn (in yummy purples and greens) to make MJ a pram blanket.

We also went to another shop - Just Sew - can't wait to go there again. They are one of a seemingly few shops that sell dress fabric and sewing patterns. I could have spent a fortune (if I had a fortune to spend!) The had alsorts of fabrics. The cotton dress fabrics have my name on a lot of rolls! When I have more time and space, I want to start dress making again. I was sensible today and didn't buy anything, despite lusting after at least half a dozen things, as I just don't know when that time and space will happen.

I am starting to give serious thought to going to a knitting group next week. I roughly know where one is..........


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely outing with lots of things to ponder for future projects.

CarpeDyem said...

Not half! Hopefully next time I shall be less restrained!