Monday, 24 January 2011

A Walk and a Green Granny

Mary-Jane and I went for a walk this afternoon. We only went as far as the outskirts of the nearest village. It was on a back road and no where near as much traffic as the A595. There was no path, but this doesn't matter too much in daylight on a fairly lightly used road. I wished I had taken my camera....... next time!

HK has bought a few more things into the house, including all the DVD's. He has also unearthed my kitchen/baking utensils and trays etc, just no-where to put them in the kitchen.

I didn't make it to the new knitting group either. The day was busy, so I thought it best not to go. Will try harder next week!

The last few days outings have caught up with Mary-Jane today, she has had some good naps. On Wednesday she is due to have her second lot of immunisations, so I'm preparing for her to be kranky and feel rough for a couple of days. The Calpol is at the ready.

I want to get cracking and knit her some things - hats, gloves, bootees, cardis/jackets, dresses and cloths. Everything!! I have ordered Debbie Bliss - The baby knits book. However, I am determined to finish The Yarn Gatherers take on a Bactus (am half was through the decreases) before I start anything else. The yarn for this was a leaving gift from Jeanette, who own Yarn Gathering of Stone. It is a Begere de France, Paris I think it's called, in a shade called Granny. It's green. Just like a Granny Smith apple!

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