Sunday, 23 January 2011

Ennerdale and Wasdale

Today, being Sunday, is the newly instated 'Family Day', where HK, MJ and I do or go somewhere as a Family. It's time set aside to be spent as a Family. The day started off very well with family cuddles in bed. This was too cute an photo opportunity to miss! MJ seems to like these cuddles although still looks bemused at times, but all the same like to have Mom and Dad close by.
We first headed off to Whitehaven to get some diesel from Morrisons - what a nightmare it is to get off that forecourt, believe me! We then headed off for Ennerdale. Ennerdale was lovely, but we never got quite close enough to the water to park up. All the signs kept on saying 'Ennerdale 1 mile or 1.5 miles or half a mile'. We just never quite got there. Bit of an odd journey. The road was single track and in some places had grass growing up the middle of it. HK said it was something like 'The Hills Have Eyes' so we kept our eyes open for home made stingers......

Apparantly we should have gone through some gates..... I think next time we may need a guide to tell us which gates and where.....

From Ennerdale we drove over Ennerdale Moor, then dropped back onto the A595 (eventually). Somewhere we picked up and followed a sign for Wasdale.

After a bit we got to Wasdale and got close enough to Wast Water to park up. We couldn't really walk MJ in her pram as the only walking place was on the road. Although it wasn't busy at all, we didn't fancy doing that. However MJ had her bottle and a look round.

Wast Water is, I think, and I need to check on this info, the deepest or it's not known how deep it is in places. It is also the darkest lake, due to the type of rock (my geology needs brushing up as well). The water indeed does look black.

When I downloaded the photos, I showed Dad, who kindly informed me that if I'd been stood a bit further down the dale then I would have seen a very famous view. Namely the three biggest peaks in the lLakes - Scafell Pike, Great Gable and Kirkfell. I'm not a 100% that the third is Kirkfell, something else that I need to find out. So I'd like to say that at least one of the peaks in this photo may be one of the three biggest peaks in the lakes. I so need to learn, early days yet, there is lots to learn!
We have decided that before we go out for a drive again, that we will try and plan in advance where we are going to go and whether it is pram friendly. We also thought about taking a picnic with us. Can't wait, roll on next Sunday!


paula said...

She's B-A-C-K!

I am taking it that you didn't grow up in this area . . am I right?

When did you hear that Peaches & Cream was closing down? That's just terrible . .they have so many nicer colors than Sugar n' Cream:0

CarpeDyem said...

Yes Paual you are right, I didn't grow up in the area, but much of the family did.

I heard about PnC on Rav, on their forum, headed 'breaking sad news', take a peek!