Friday, 14 August 2009

My Postie has been busy this week!

My Postie has had a ver busy week this week, I'm sure he lurves me to bits!! I've had three swaps sent me!!

This first one is from CyberGran, in the Cookie and Cloth Swap. Cybergran and I share Birthdays, so Happy Birthday to you!

CyberGran sent me - a pretty crochet cloth, organic decaf coffee, Rwandan Coffee, a ball of Noro Kureyon Sock yarn is a scrumptiouss colourway, a Frixon pen, a recipe book to put my own recipes in, 30 yummy things to bake, a temp guide spoon, an olive oil dish, Fanny's Survival Kit, 2 Fanny's fam tea bags, Mr Whisk, a very pposh flower power dish brush,a Victorian Reigate Tea Towel and loads of Florentine Biccies!! YUm YUm!

I'm in the Peaches & Creme International Dosie Square Swap. My first cloths, from Sigakplori, arrived on Wednesday. Really pretty! Plus a ball of Mission Falls! And a copy of one of the patterns.

Then on Thursday the dear Postie delivered a pakage from Bzachau, my second set of cloths and a postcard from Houston, Texas. Again very pretty, I can't wait to use them!

So Thank You Ladies, for being lovely swappers!!

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Joanne said... stuff!

See you in 353 days. Can't wait for UK Knit Camp 2010.