Friday, 14 August 2009

Birthday Day Out

The 6th of August saw my Birthday. I was ThirtyEleven, if you're curious! We went out for the day, with a picnic and headed off to the Peak District in Derbyshire. We stopped first at Dovedale. Dovedale is very beautiful and was very full of children having fun and splooshing in the water.

As it was lunchtime when we arrived, we had the picnic in the car. It was a good job we had it there really as if we'd carried it to the Stepping Stones then there would have been nowhere to sit on the ground as it was very busy!This photo slipped in! Nothing to do with the day out, just pressed the wrong button! The cloth is called 'Baked With Love', in Peaches & Creme 'Butterscotch'. I made it for the Cloth and Cookies Swap.

One of the views down Dovedale. This is before the Stepping Stones. They were actually flooded, so techinically they couldn't be safely crossed and so you couldn't access the rest of the walk.
The flooded path, the water was clear and cool to walk in, needless to say I had a good paddle in it......... Derbyshire Ducks on the River

Three crows in a tree
Me! I did want to totally stand on the rock, but it was very wobbly so tried to keep one foot on a soggy terra firma, I was expecting to fall in!

Coming out of Dovedale, heading up hill towards the Ashbourne Road, Cows!!

From Dovedale, we drove to Bakewell, being mindful that the Bakewell Show was on. Luckily Bakewell wasn't that busy at the time we got there. But for some reason, probably best known to the gaggle of Civil Enforcement Officers who were stood by the main car park in the town, the car park was closed. There is limited parking here anyway. So why close a car park on the busiest day?? I don't know. I was therefore denied my trip to the Pudding Shop and the Needlecraft Shop.
From Bakewell, we headed down the road to Caudwells Mill for a mooch round. The gift shop seemed to have changed most of the lines they sell (read behind the words!), so I didn't part with any of my Birthday Pennies! However we did see the ducks and ducklings and a big fish in the river!
After that we headed home, as I was getting quite tired. It was a lovely day out and the weather held good. Smiles all round!

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