Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Seeing In 2020

Mary-Jane and I stayed up to see the New Year In.  MJ set up the table with nibbles during the day.We had a cheeseboard in the evening, then settled down to watch Elf. We saw 2020 in watching Big Ben and the fireworks on the Thames, after this it was coats on and sparklers on the yard.

This was followed by a few glasses of (0.5%) Champagne, so we could raise our glasses and make a toast!  MJ got the taste for bubbly - one step up from Shandy!
MJ asked if she could sleep on the sofa - why not?  She was already cosy comfy on there, underneath her duvet.  She must have been comfy as she didn't wake up till 11, got a drink of milk and headed back under her duvet with her tablet.  Not for very much longer!

We have been thinking about about goals we would like to achieve this year, rather than NY Resolutions.  We may get a notebook and write them in and see how we go.

So, here is to a good 2020!

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