Wednesday, 8 January 2014

New Laptop

Have you heard the one about the dog chased the cat, the cat jumped on the unit, knocked a lead crystal vase onto the laptop then both things fell to the floor and smashed to smithereens?  So said owner of laptop had to go out and blow nearly all her savings on a brand new all singing all dancing laptop?  Well you heard it hear too!

We have a new laptop with Windows 8, which I am slowly getting my head around.  It's quite different from Vista and the touchpad is so much more sensitive.  We have lost about 7 months worth of photos, mainly of Mary-Jane.  Luckily she was not in the room when it all happened as she would have got hurt from it, with our room being so small.

Work is starting to get busy for me, and will continue to be for a couple of months.  Some of this busy-ness includes more meetings and more training days in Bury/Salford area.  I have been into work today, my day off, and have clocked up a mere 7 hours time owing plus travel.

I haven't done any knitting.  I am still cross stitching and enjoying it.

The only thing I have baked is a gingerbread house cake, using a Nordic Ware tin. I am lusting after a bundt tin that Lakeland have got.  I am trying to put that purchase off till next month and am therefore seeing it as next months treat, let's just see how long that line of thinking lasts.

I will try to start taking pictures - Mary-Jane has grown so much.  Did I tell you that I got myself a new camera the day after getting the laptop?  The laptop came in under budget and didn't have a portal for my old memory card so I just had to buy a new camera (oh the hardship!).  It was in the sale, with nearly a third off, so I did well with that as well.  The Laptop was in the sale as well, with £150 of that too.

I am enjoying having spending power again.  I have new clothes for the first time in nearly five years. I have new boots and posh smellies from Lush and The Body Shop to put in my bath.

Sylvia - if you're reading this please get in touch - I don't have your new address!

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