Thursday, 2 January 2014



The second day in and I have had the urge at last to re-commence blogging.  Let's see how it goes, before I start making promises of what I may do.

Literally half of 2013 was spent painfully waiting to start a new job.  With the new job would, naturally come money, a thing that has been a very rare commodity this last couple of years.  And with wages, comes the ability to kick down doors and start to live a better quality life.  The protracted wait took it's toll on me.  Provisional start dates came and went.  All I felt I had to talk about was the wait and how it made me feel, so I stopped.  Even I was getting fed-up of reading how fed-up I was.

So now, I am three months into my job.  Life for the three of us is improving and we are getting used to having money again.  I no longer worry myself stupid on how am I going to feed and clothe my family on £50 each and every week.  I can now look forward and feel I can hold my head up.

Blogging can now re-commence my friends!


Unknown said...

welcome back! I've missed your posts. :)

CarpeDyem said...

It's good to be back!