Thursday, 4 July 2013


Last evening was a long one.  Mary-Jane didn't settle to sleep until 9.30.  Tonight was about an hour earlier.  When HK went into her room, she had thrown her blanket and pillow, taken her pj top off and ripped even more wall paper off the wall.  Not to mention the shouting and screaming.  Which had at least, taken longer to reach crescendo.
I took her out shopping today.  In the second shop she started warming up for a tantrum, so I went to put her in the trolley.  She screamed all the more and fought to not go in the trolley.  So I picked her up and carried her out of the shop and to the car.  She calmed after five minutes or so, then had another five minutes sulk and came around after that.  Unfortunately it took Granma a further half an hour to exit the shop, by which time MJ was getting restless.  Apparantly the till had broken down as she was going through, then got caught by someone she knows who can and did, rattle and rattle, despite after ten minutes me fixing her with a few 'certain' looks.  These for me, were still in the range of polite glaring, not my full on glare.  Perhaps that might have been more effective, but one has to maintain some degree of politeness.  It was the once that I hoped MJ would start shouting and screaming, never mind!
After that Mary-Jane did try really hard to be good, she slipped a few times, but In fairness, worked really hard with herself.
I have been treated to Peggy Porschen Baking Boutique.  There are a lot of cakes I want to make, surprisingly.  The first one may well be the Summer Berry Layer Cake or the Dark Chocolate Truffle Layer Cake.  I might not do it dark chocolate, I find dark chocolate a little too rich, or not on the top of my likings list.  There are a few more I want to do and have been inspired to create a few of my own.  The recipes say to use 6" pans for the layer cakes, something I shall have to put on my wish list.
My Pi Shawl is still coming on well.  I am now on 576 stiches per round.  I have the lace pattern for this section well sunk into my head, so I can do the lace rounds (alternate ones) whilst the telly is on.  I have been watching 'Endevour' these last two evenings.  It is Morse as a young copper, quite good.

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