Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Coming Up To Speed

Mary-Jane is continuing to sleep with us, all night.  She shouts and screams until HK goes into her and they go into our bed.  HK does usually go up around 7pm to lie on the bed and stretch out, read and listen to the radio.  Mary-Jane settles fairly quickly once she is settled in bed with Daddy.  It is Daddy that she calls out for and Daddy that she wants.  She is still tired during the day, as we both are.  I'm not too bad with it at the moment, but it is catching up with HK.  She is generally settling better during the night, not waking up with the screaming ab-dabs.  Daytimes are slightly better as well, not so many tantrums and not for quite as long or quite as bad.  Still a way to go though.
I've made my Key Lime Cupcakes this afternoon.  I am tempted to decorate them tomorrow and pretty-fy them, perhaps use an icing bag to put the topping on.  I've not tasted one yet.  I'm hoping to spend a good bit of time in the kitchen tomorrow, we shall see.
MJ and I went to playgroup this morning.  Only the usual protests from her as we left, luckily.
I have another provisional Start Date, but this does not take into account the fact that my clearance checks are not complete.  The Induction Date is now 10th July in Penrith, for the afternoon.  It may be a step forward, or just a red herring step in the mist.  In other words, I'm not banking on it, not am I disregarding it.
I went to the Woolfest on Friday.  I always love going.  And as usual I could have spent an absolute fortune.  There seemed to be more for felting and spinning.  Spinning will happen, but in a few years at least.  I made a mental note that I could buy automatic carding machines, now that would save a lot of time!  There seemed to be a wider range of stalls, rather than just weighted towards ready to knit yarn.  The animals were lovely to look at, the alpacas raised the biggest crowd.
Saturday evening I went to the Annual Friends Of Chernobyl's Children fundraising social.  Very enjoyable. It is the third time I have been now.  I came a bit close to winning one game of stand up bingo.  Dad won the big raffle prize - a rocking horse for Mary-Jane.  She - and I - were thrilled to bits with it. 
I'm still on with my EZ Pi Shawl.  I'm enjoying doing it.  I have just started the increase row, from 288 to 576 stitches.  I do wonder how much I shall be enjoying it then!  It is not as big as I hoped for, so once I have done set amount of rows, I will be driven by my enthusiasm as to how much more I do of it.  I should be starting a Tuesday Night KAL, but I haven't decided what yarn to use.  I want to use a plainish one, the pattern calls for 4ply.  I can't lay my hands on plain 4 ply, only dk.  I will have another look at what I have in the house and get cracking with that as soon as poss.

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