Thursday, 17 December 2009

Round Up!

Okay, so I've been away a while! I shall make concerted efforts to keep updated!

As a round up -

The Chooks are doing fine - Radar and Sunday have started laying again, much to my delight!

I've renewed my membership of the Needle Club at Books,Yarn,More. Take a look their Needles are so unique and beautiful, also includes updates of the antics of the local deer!

I'm still knitting (no surprise there!) I did recently fall in to the Very Naughty Trap of Casting On and Not Casting Off Before I Start Casting On The Next Project...... Needless to say, I've done very little in the way of finished projects. hhhhmmmmph! But what I have finished, I forgot to take pictures of. Sounds like a lot, but at the moment all I can remember is a hat I did for a Swap - 'Urchin' using Rowan Chunky something or another, I shall have to reference that better for you, my head is, as HobbitKeeper said a day or two ago, is like Swiss Cheese. I can't argue with that!

I'm also part way knitting a present for someone, so I can't tell you any more about that, in case it spoils the surprise!

I've also done a Christmas Stocking for HobbitKeeper, which is hanging on the mantlepiece in the back room. It's all in black, surprisingly. I'm a bout a quater way through doing one for me in two tones of purple and will have a fluffy bit on top. Christmas is ooooo about a week away, so need to seriously get them needles whirring otherwise I have been threatened by HK that he will take his stocking down if mine is not ready.......

I have put a list of my WIP's on the right hand side.... This is the total list of what I can remember.... I've not gone into the deeper recesses of my knitting room , which by the way is in an awful state at the moment, shameful! Hopefully it will kick start me in to casting off with the same enthusiasm that I cast on with......

Big Wave to Ann-in-America, who is actually in Cumbria at the moment!

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