Friday, 18 December 2009

The First Snow

The first of the snow arrived yesterday afternoon, just a light covering which froze overnight. Despite lovely sunshine this morning, it's still here. Snow doesn't stay long here. The town is built on a marsh so in general we're not too high off the water table, so we do damp.

I've not taken any pix. I'm on slow motion at the moment. However my needles have been whirring and am half way through the last cloth that is going to be gifted. I really can't see presents being posted and delivered in time for Chrimbo. Can't be helped. Must get my chrimbo stocking done next, less than a week to go! YIKES! I do think the festive season will be a blur for me. Come January I shall be wondering what happened!

Also come the new year, I shall have to get a new car. Mine is getting soooo poorly and I need to spend loads on it. As the Nice Man At The Garage says that if I don't get a new car soon, I shall be working only to pay my garage bill. Sober thoughts. As long as she can keep going until I get a replacement, but shhhhh! don't tell her yet!

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