Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Spiral Hat

I spent a few hours in the garden on Sunday. I'd found a hat pattern - a Spiral beanie type - with corresponding Noro Kureyon... I cast on and happily knitted away, accompanied by a bottle of Green Goblin and a bar of Cadburys Almond Chocolate (happy days!). I was pleased witht the progress of the hat. I fetched another beanie to compare measurements for length to the crown. Only to find that the blooming thing was about an inch too small - in width not height! Bugger! Hats are not something that I can allow 'room to give' across the forehead, due to regular tenderness/ puffiness around the ole eyebrows (don't ask, I'll moan about it another time...) So the only thing to do was to frog it. I didn't want to complete it as I knew I'd never wear it.

I didn't have the heart to cast on again with a few extra stitches. With the pattern, I would have to add another 8 stitches and I'm toying with this amount - is it too much or will it be just right?! Only one way to find out I suppose!

Not to be dis-heartened, I had a look around as to what else could I do with the yarn, it's so damned gorgeous - it is Noro after all! I found a lovely shawl with a picot edge, but unfortunately I didn't have enough yardage for that. I descended on another pattern, one that I have queued. And I thought I had enough yarn - Debbie Bliss 'SoHo' this time. I Cast On. Did a few rows, completed one pattern repeat. And it just didn't look right, y'know what I mean?! No point faffing about. Off the needles it came.

I shall do a little more hunting for suitable patterns to match up with my stash. I do however have some lovely Italien yarn and a suitable shawl pattern..... and a couple of WIP's. But seeing how I was good and finished off one WIP - my Ziggy Hat which is as CAF, and has been worn a few times, I thought I could permit myself to cast on another project..... obviousy not the right time to!

However I did enjoy sitting in the garden, enjoying the September Sunshine, the chocolate and the Green Goblin!


Roobeedoo said...

Hee hee - thanks for comment re Yarn Forward - and congrats to you TOO!

CarpeDyem said...

Thank You!! I shall be getting my copy in a bit and blogging it too! Famous together!! I think I might scan the page and put it on the wall in my knitting room!