Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The Hour Challenge!

I've found a pattern for a cowl/neck warmer and matching beret, done in Big Softie, of which I have ten balls of (recently frogged). The patterns says the cowl can be done in an hour. I'm up for that, fits my criteria today. To appease my guilt of starting another project, I have cleared my table in my knitting room - it has not seen daylight for a few months. I even found reciepts from March at the bottom of the pile.......

So, a cowl in an hour? Whilst watching 'Waking the Dead' I think - hurrah for V+! Batty is going to be finished tonight (hopefully, not counting the sewing up!).

Right I'm off, tea has mashed, needles and yarn are on the sofa, and that is where I am heading!

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