Thursday, 16 April 2009

Easter in The Garden

We have been spending more time in the garden - planting and sewing. HobbitKeeper has constructed netting cages over the beds that we've sewn to keep local cats from planting their messages. They seem quite effective so far. There is nothing worse than seeing a freshly sewn bed with cat poop in it, then knowing that whatever is sewn there probably wont grow.
Let sleeping dogs lie! Rhinog taking a nap, days in the garden - following HobbitKeeper and Momma around, watching for Fairies (cats) at the bottom of the garden as well as keeping an eye on the chooks can be very very tiring!

Oregano, parsley and corainder seeds germinating along with HobbitKeepers tomato seeds. My toms are on the window legde in the back bedroom (aka my knitting room) and are doing much better. I've also got cress, mustard fenugreek seeds on the go, as well as two types of chillis.

These are the courgette seedlings. We've done very well with courgettes in the last couple of years, so I've got high hopes for these! A lot of the plants will be given away, as we only need a couple of plants but it just seems such a waste not to plant all the seeds in the packet.

I'm transplanting some strawbery plants into guttering. The frame is for raspberry canes - of which we've planted three. As we've got a small garden we try to maximise space and think three dimensionally. We grew some strawbs like this last year rather sucessfully. The slide in my hair is from Tavish in Tonawanda!

In the bottom corner of the garden, where the arbour is, we're going to make into a secret and quiet area of the garden. So HobbitKeeper has built the frame. He's also put a conifer in a pot. The area will have 'pretties' in as well, so it will be more of a proper garden rather than a funtional garden.
The chooks are finding it very frustrating at the moment as we can't let them out of their run so they can have free range of the garden. Not only would they eat every worm in sight but they would eat every seed as well! When a worm is dug up, they are given it though, so they don't miss out on that score! The chooks are doing well however! Young Sage has made a full recovery from her frostbite in her comb. She is laying now, so the worry levels are down for me!

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