Sunday, 23 June 2013

Of Rhubarb, Cheese and Yet Another Sleepless Night

Another fairly sleepless night had by all again last night.  Before the screaming got to fever pitch, HK bought MJ through to our bed.  We did not attempt to take her back to her room, this is futile when she is as she is at the moment.  She did try to settle in fairness, but just couldn't quite catch her sleep.  After about two hours and two trips to the loo, we took Mary-Jane downstairs around 5.30.  HK insisted that I go back to bed and rest, so I did for an hour and a half.  I have protested at this point and stayed up, much to my later fatigue, so I didn't argue this time.  I did, however, nag the beejaysus out of HK to do the same.  He gave into my nagging at mid-day, and went to bed for a few hours.  Fingers and toes crossed tonight that Mary-Jane is that tired that she sleeps through.  I did wonder if she is going through a growth spurt, as she usually can't sleep well when she is.  The high winds don't help either, and they are still up.  I have heard her murmer twice this evening so far.
We did get a brief time out in the garden.  The winds were a bit strong to stay out long.  I had primarily gone out to pick the rhubarb and to let MJ have a bit of fresh air.  The rhubarb patch is doing really well.  I have about stripped it bare now, it was all ready for picking.  I have bagged up five pounds of rhubarb, 3 x 1lb bags and 4 half pound bags.  I want to use it soon, to do some kind of rhubarb cake and maybe some rhubarb curd - a recipe that I briefly came across in Sean Wilson's book today.
Talking of which, I am warming to him a little more.  In his very lenthgy but informative introduction of his life up to now, he seems more passionate about food and cheese than of his 21 years as a celeb on 'Corrie'.  It made me sit up a bit more and take notice, and realign my thinking.  I haven't looked at all the recipes yet.  I am inspired to make a fair few things.  And cheese, it has fanned my flames further to make cheese .  I am aware that things aren't quite in the right place for me to have a go at making cheese, but I will in the fullness of time.  It's going to be a thing I want to research a little more, and start of with something really simple.  Posh cheeses, as I call them these days, are beyond my current budget, we make the most of 'value' cheese and get along very nicely.  I do look longingly at posh cheeses, and in true Wayne's World admiration I think - one day you will be mine, oh yes you will be mine!  And I shall savour every single morsel of it.  It will be like rediscovering cheese.  Now I am more Foodie orientated than ever and I know I shall appreciate, critique and develop my taste for cheese and all good foods.

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