Thursday, 15 September 2011

Yes, it's been two months since I last blogged

Yes, it's been a long time, apologies. Time is crammed full and lots has happened (nothing drastic, mind!), plus to be honest, I've not always been in the right frame of mind to blog. I can't download any photo's at the moment as I'm sat in the kitchen, so the laptop is running off battery and it's not powerful enough to download photos onto the blog.
We've actually got some sunshine today, although it is a proper autumn day, crisp, sunny and fresh. HK has just gone out into the garden and Mary-Jane is having forty winks on her crate (cot). We haven't had a summer here at all. Just the odd day where the sun has shined. We've had lots and lots of rain and recently, wind up to gale force over the last few days.
Mary-Jane is doing really well. She had her first birthday on the 22nd August. She still chatters away, her words are forming better and she is learning lots of real words. She is very inquisitive and watches you like a hawk, then copies what you have done. Her problem solving is quite amazing. She has crawling off to a fine art and can get up quite a speed. Her walking is getting smoother. She can walk round furniture and is starting to learn to balance on her feet without touching anything.
The garden has been rather hit and miss over the summer - all due to the beeping weather! HK has been more than frustrated as he couldn't get out anywhere near as much as what he wanted to. However, we have had a good crop of potatoes, cabbages, green beans, lettuce and radishes. The soft fruit have been nothing short of a disaster. We've not been able to get into weed them and have been unable to prune them, so no soft fruit. The apples have some rust, the full extent I'm not sure of at the moment. The trees needed a really good prune back in the early spring but we were told not to do that. Now they will need more than a good prune when it's time to keep them healthy.
The tomatoes didn't do well either, although we did get some fruit off them. I think it was because as young plants we kept them the freezer room (a home made conservatory, where the deep freezer is kept) and we think the cats may have got to them, due to the spotting on the leaves. Never mind. This year is a learning curve. The courgettes didn't fare as well as what they normally do. I did stumble on an absolutely gorgeous recipe for courgette soup, which even surprised me - recipe to follow at another time!
I have been baking, not much recently. My baking mojo has upped and left me at the moment and I'm awaiting it's return. I'm getting ready to start baking again, but am not quite there yet. I have signed up for a 10 week sugarcraft course, which starts in two weeks. I'm looking forward to that.
I'm still knitting (it will be a dark day when I don't feel like knitting, other than through tiredness!). I've made quite a few things and I've 'shown' at Gosforth Show - all that in another post!
And yes, I will try my best to be around a bit more often, so call back soon!

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