Saturday, 17 September 2011

August Itsy Bitsy Swap

For the August Itsy Bitsy Swap, I was sending to Dulcymh. Dulcy had requested that I made her some fingerless gloves of any colour as her winter coats are quite dark. I haven't made gloves for a couple of years. I fell on the pattern for these on Ravelry. There were a few that caught my eye, but these won over. I may have to add a pair or two of gloves to my 'I wouldn't mind making....' list. Anyhow, I've not done any cabling for a while either.
The yarn I used was a Regia 4-fadig. The colours are bright and the yarn is lovely to knit with. The pattern is straight forward. Cabling is another thing I'd not recommend to do when tired. I had to tink a fair few times. I was pleased with the finished items.

I couldn't resist trying the gloves on before I sent them - they fit me well hahaha! I'd like a pair myself! Dulcy has now got them and she likes them!

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