Saturday, 17 September 2011

August Itsy Bitsy II

In the August Swap, I sent to Dulcy, Saree from Germany sent to me. Saree, is new to Itsy Bitsy, but not to Ravelry Swaps. Saree did me proud, she made me a gorgeous felted market bag and made Mary-Jane a cuter than cute felted hat - roll on the winter! The hat has a small flower on the side of it.
This is my bag, it is very, very me! Saree (Petra) also made me a mini sock. Saree sent me some apple sugar for tea, some delicious dark chocolate and chilli (highly recommended), and some mixed tea bags.
I do like doing the swaps - especially the Itsy Bitsy ones. I've been swapping for well over three years now. I've fell very lucky with all my swaps (apart from one, which was resolved).
Big Thanks to Petra for being a good swapper and for making something for Mary-Jane as well!

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