Tuesday, 27 September 2011

My First Sugarcraft Class

I've just come back from my first Sugarcraft Class and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I think I shall quite get into this craft. We are making Fuschia's. Twenty one of them. So far I have put the stamens on to the stalks and dusted some of them with scarlet dust. I've had to do this as the shop only had white stamens. I think it will add to the originality of them. We have been shown how to do the inner petals. I didn't have time to do them this evening, plus I didn't have the cell foam, even the lady next to me kindly lent me a spare one of hers.
I'll try and take photo's as I go along. Sugarcraft is not a thing you can do quickly or in a rush. I'm quite excited. The tools are not cheap either, but not off the scale. Hmph, nothing is cheap at the moment for me, but am rich in many ways!
So any sugarcraft hints and tips - send them my way! I'm doing the course via Workington Adult Education at the St Josephs site.

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