Friday, 11 June 2010

Spudette's Surprise Itsy Parcel Has Arrived!

A parcel arrived, addressed from Tavish in Tonanwanda. I ripped the packaging off and opened the parcel, only to be stopped in my tracks. Inside were gifts from my Itsy friends on Ravelry. The most awesome of gifts is the beautiful baby blanket. I draped it over the sofa, and had to sit for some time to admire it, each and every sqaure that made up the blanket! HK spent time walking in and out of the front room, looking at the blankie, gobsmacked. Paula had gathered charms together on a Charm Ring, and listed what each charm means. Very, very thoughtful.
The poem on the card bought tears to my eyes
I love these buttons and can't wait to put them on garments for Baby!
This hanging storage unit, so beautiful. It will be put up in Baby's room, in a place where it will be easily seen and admired!
A pretty pashmina! I've tried to drape it so both sides and all colours can be seen. HK loves it on me when I tried it on!

Thank you so much Itsy Ladies! I wasn't expecting it all. Thank you, from both HK and myself (and Spudette!) for all the time and love that has gone into putting it all together!

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