Thursday, 10 June 2010

Sleep can be elusive

I have seen the midwife for another routine check up. Baby is doing fine. Heart beat is strong and regular. Baby bump was measured and growing well - don't I know it! HK says I'm no longer his 'Little Fatty', but his 'Not So Little Fatty'! I have to agree with him! Sleeping is starting to become a little troublesome. Sometimes I just can't seem to relax, or get comfy, or Baby is on night manoevers, or I sleep for the first half of the night, then I'm awake for a couple of hours, just dozing until about half an hour before it's time to get up. After three consecutive nights like this, I wasn't pleasant company. It got to the point where I just didn't know what to do with myself. Luckily I slept really well that night.

HK isn't sleeping that well either. He is a light sleeper, so I disturb him when I can't sleep. Plus he's painfully aware of knocking or touching me in bed incase he touches Baby. And his plates in his legs have been aching him badly due to the change in weather, so that is not helping his sleep. But we'll soldier on and try not to get niggly.

Baby is moving lots, as well as honing up her kicks and punches! Thankfully, she has only hit under my ribs a couple of times. She is discovering how to stretch in every direction all at once, this can stop me in my tracks! All signs of movement are good though.

I've been started on some Ferrous Fumerate - that's Iron tablets to you and me. It was two a day, but with agreement with the midwife, I've knocked these down to one a day. I'm only just slightly under the levels, by a whole 0.2. The side effects of the iron have kicked in, constipation, blackness of youknowhat, and well, stand down wind of me at your own peril! Hopefully the reduction of the tablets will resolve this.

Rhinog is really coming into his own at the moment. He is never far from my side. When I'm sat in the front room, he will come through every 10 - 15 minutes to check on me to make sure I'm okay. A day or two ago I was having an uncomfortable time with Baby moving, so I was ooing and ouching and Rhinog was there, at my side, sticking like glue, looking very concerned. Yesterday I was opening a box, I couldn't do this on the sofa, as I couldn't twist round sufficiently, so I decided to sit on the floor. Well, poor Rhinog was distraught. He is not used to me sitting on the floor and seemed to automatically presume that something was wrong, despite me re-assuring him that I was fine. To him, I was on the floor and that wasn't right. He got as close to me as he could, even trying to lie partially over one of my legs to comfort me. Poor lad looked so distressed.

I got up of the floor as soon as I could, much to Rhinog's relief. Once I was up, he became much happier, ears unpinned from the back of his head and wagging his tail. Even when I come home, after being out, he almost looks relieved that I am back and am safe! He's a good boy and looking after his Momma so well!

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