Monday, 21 June 2010

Relaxing Weekend

We've had a very relaxing weekend. Friday evening, Spudette decided to do her thing, not sure what she was doing, stretching, wriggling, moving (all good stuff though!) which made me feel quite uncomfortable and didn't know what to do with myself, a bit like on Monday. It did make me feel drained. We didn't do the weekly shop that evening and an early night was called for. The shopping was done Saturday Morning. Spudette soon realised we were in Asda, however, and played me up (the little tinker!) so the shopping was a struggle. By the time we got home, a sit down for a few hours was called for - and that did the trick!

From there we did some sorting in my new knitting room - and we didn't fall out this time - hurrah! My room now has some semblance of order. There is now floor space (I'll try not to fill it too soon) and nothing is on the floor. However the shelves do need a bit more sorting as I've not emptied them from the old knitting room, now Baby's room. Plus the stash needs organising, there is no order to it, apart from looking generally tidy to the uninitiated! Oh and there are still two big boxes of yarn in Baby's room, that just won't fit into my room.......... Some stash busting needs to be done - lucky for me that I've got a decent stash as things may get a bit tight soon!! I will take pix of the room now it's looking a little less chaotic.

My sock for HK is coming on a treat. I started turning the heel last night. I'm taking it to Knit Chicks this morning to do a bit more.

I've also, on the Stash Busting front, wound all leftover Peaches & Creme into three balls. With this I started experimenting with what to do with it. By this point however, I was in one of those 'can't concentrate' moods. So I tried quite a few things, but frogged them. I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do with it. Mainly some kind of blanket, but wanted to do it so it could grow until I finished the yarn, if you know what I mean! I tried doing a square one, then a circular one, but they just didn't look right. I thought the idea of starting from the middle and working outwards was the best idea.

In the end, I went for a rectangular shape rug. I cast on 40 stitches (I think - I was toying with 50 stitches, but at this point didn't want to go onto circulars). I've used the three strands together, so it is thick. Needle size is 8mm, to make it dense. It is going to be a cot side rug. Again pictures later (I need to charge up the camera). I've only done a couple of inches so far.

Late Saturday afternoon, HK looked at the printer, as I said it wasn't working properly. My diagnosis was that the paper feed thingy wasn't working. HK sort of agreed. The printer was declcared 'Kaput'. I had a look at argos for a budget replacement, that used the same ink cartridges, as I had just bought new ones and not used them. I found one, that was reduced by £30 to £50. Sorted. Off we went. When the printer was bought to us in the shop, it wasn't the right one that I wanted. The lady said that if they are out of stock they will offer the nearest one. HK was gettign excited saying that we will have that one. I was being dozy (slow!) and wanted to look further to make sure it had the same spec. I noted that the ink cartridges were the same, then noted HK's hidden excitement and decided to go with it. Thank you very much and we were off. At home I looked up the new model on the t'internet. It was a much upgraded version of what we originally wanted, plus it was a specialised photo printer. It was priced at £120. Bargain. It works a treat and is much better than the one I originally wanted!!

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