Monday, 15 June 2009

Sunday Afternoon, Rocky and Strawberries!

After finishing a gruelling first week back at work (eight shifts in five days), I spent the rest of Sunday in the garden, winding down.

The beetroot, onions, lettuce and cauli are coming on okay. Unripe strawberries, enjoying the sunshine
HobbitKeeper has been very busy in the potting shed. He has made some raised beds and constucted a self watering system. We are hoping in winter to be able to grow lettuce for the chooks and other stuff in here. These are the Chilli plants. We've not grown chillis before......

Rhinog enjoying being in the garden, close to where his Momma is sat!
My view from the bottom of the garden, with a glass of wine for the tired worker!
May I introduce Rocky, the Rhode Island red?! She is a very lively friendly gal! Every time we open the run, she is trying to get out and doesn't mind being handled.
Me picking strawberries growing in the guttering along the side of the potting shed.
One of the afore-mentioned stawbs! Very tasty!
A few of the strawbs, they're quite small but scrummy and juicy!

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