Monday, 15 June 2009

Package from Carina

Last week I had a Parcel from Carina in Aland (sorry I don't know how to put the 'extra' bits on the 'A'!) The parcel was wonderful!

Carina had sent me some thick 7 Brothers Sock yarn - makes my tootsies warm just looking and feeling it! a box of heavenly tea, four bars of chocolate - all of which have now been eaten.... a bag of tutti frutti sweets, two boxes of Lakerol and two very delightful mini steins from Aland.
The steins have pride of place on my shelves in the front Room! The chocolate was scrummy, I've not had the tutti frutti yet or the lakerol, but I've got my eye on them and don't think they will last long!
I don't have a pattern for the socks yet..... they shall have to be knitted up by the winter......
Thank You Carina!

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