Thursday, 4 June 2009

May Flowers Swap

My May Flowers parcel arrived this morning. A neatly packaged parcel from Lvrmous in Flordia, USA. Tearing off the brown paper revealed this........
Lifting the lid, I discovered a dolphin postcard and some pink wrapped gifts......

I quickly unwrapped those tantalising pink packages to reaveal - a beautiful crocheted flower shaped cloth - that is so lovely that I shall use it as a a doily/mat, two cloth patterns - a flower cloth and a Japanese Cherry Cloth, a pot of Green and Jasmine tea and a skein of AslanTrends PimoClasico. The official colour is 'Bison' but it's more like 'Chocolate eatmenow' colour!

A close up of my cloth from Lvrmous. I really like the colours! Thank You!

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