Friday, 1 February 2013

Happiness is a Libby's Tin of Pumpkin

Continuing with getting back into some kind of semblance of a routine, and today being Friday, it was Weekly Shop Day.  It was a little tiring towards the end, but I got it done, all to plan.  Whilst looking for the Birds Dream Topping (another little story) I was completely blown out of the water by what I saw on the shelf - Libby's Pumpkin!  I hope solid means puree,  only opening it will let me know.  I was stunned!  Have Tesco been listening to my thougths and moans?  I am seriously thinking of emailing them and thanking them for stocking it.  There wasn't many tins left on the shelf and I was sorely tempted to get them all, to stock up in case they don't get any more.  Even the recipe on the back is in English English - weights and measures in imperial and metric.  Ah, how the little things in life make me happy.  I am however going to be thoughtfully pre-occupied in getting my hands on some more tins.  HK  has already put in a very strong request for Pumpkin Pie and a Quiche in the next few days, if I don't mind, thank you!  Double Happiness.

Birds Dream Topping -

I treated myself to this cake tin (and I am chuffed with myself as I have never put a picure on here that is not one of my own photos, wooo!), as a bit of a Get Better Me treat.  The recipes are, naturally in American English.  This no longer daunts me, saying that I did need some help with Transatlantic translation for a couple of things.   One was frozen whipped desert.  The nearest thing to this over here is Birds Dream Topping.  Alternatively I have been advised that I could use double/whipped cream with sugar to get the right consistency.  It is to go in the middle of the cake, for the heart filling.  One good thing leads to another.  If I wasn't looking for the dream topping, I wouldn't have found the Pumpkin.
The tin is from Wiltonby the way.  I'm getting quite a liking for their cake tins, as you know!


Unknown said...

did I perhaps have soemthing to do with HK being a fan of pumpkin pie?

and yes, tinned pumpkin is puree, although it is thick. Pumpkin pie is delicious, but pumpkin quickbread is wonderful too.

CarpeDyem said...

You certainly renewed his love of Pumpkin Pies - he hadn't had one since being in the US many, many moons ago, where the diner he used to frequent knew his tastes that well that they would give him a slice knowing that he would be wanting some!