Saturday, 13 October 2012

Sugarcraft Week 4 & Planning Food Preparation

I have finished my sugarcraft homework.  I did it last night and tonight.  In the next class we are colour dusting.  I'm not sure if we will be putting the whole composition together then or the week after.  The flowers are orchids, free form leaves to the right and orchid buds on the left.  The orchid buds remind me of the droid army on Star Wars, the head of them.


HK, MJ and I went into Egremont this morning to see if Jenkinsons had any pickling onions.  I know they sell quickly.  We were in luck.  We got around 3.5kg.  I am not looking forward to peeling that many onions!  I got the pickling vinegar in the afternoon, so in the next day or two, it's Onion Day.  I wanted to get some beetroot to pickle as well, but they didn't have any in, I am to try Tuesday or Wednesday.
I also picked up some individual round  and  rectangular lidded foil pie dishes.  I have been wanting to make and freeze pies and meals for quite a while.  I am getting closer to doing this.  All that stops me is actually doing them now.  I have everything I need, just need time and space! And to decide exactly what I am going to do.  Oh and I still have all the apples to prepare and freeze.  Think I shall be having lots of kitchen time over the next few days.

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