Monday, 16 May 2011

Inspired by Tavish - Buffalo Wing Sauce

Some while ago, I was sent some Buffalo Wing Sauce from my friend Tavish. HK took a very strong liking to the sauce and hadn't had the proper stuff for a number of years. I tried researching a recipe to make some. Most recipes that I came across used a Louisiana hot sauce as a base, but none seemed to be made from scratch.
We found a jar of 'cooking in' sauce in the local Co-op and that went down well. Before I threw it out, I checked the ingredients, made a list, and the rest is history. It uses a lot of herbs and spices, some I couldn't source locally, such as habenero chillis. I made the sauce using passata as a base and added half a teaspoon of each ingredient and a healthy dollop of Lousiana hot pepper. Success! HK loved it. I used it as a cook in sauce with some quorn fillets. It's down on the 'Make Again' list!

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paula said...

YEAH FOR YOU ! ! ! ! !

We had company a weeek ago . . a girl I used to babysit for was passing through, with her husband, on their way to see her niece in Portland, Oregon. (whom I had in school along with ,her husband . . hum, sounds like we are inbred in my hometown.)

Anyway, we didn't make it to Niaagara Falls but we did take them to The Anchor Bar, where, the story goes, Buffalo Chicken Wings were invented.

I thought of you and HK while the 4 of us were "snarfing"them down.

Easy way to make the wings . . Louisianna Hot sauce (which is any Hot Pepper sauce, and butter. That was the original recipe . . . the more sauce, the hotter they are.

Oh, they also taste great when the wings are baked . . the whole taste it in tossing them the sauce . . the frying is just the norm.