Saturday, 7 February 2015

New Home

I am starting to settle into the new house - our new home.  Since we have been here, I feel like all I have done in the main is have tea, sleep, go to work, repeat.  The only time I really saw the garden for the first three weeks was each Saturday morning, a novelty.  I am enjoying being here, and am finding myself relaxing a little.  This morning I had a lie in to 8 am, unheard of!  Mary-Jane had had a disturbed night, so in turn did I.  But 8 o'clock, get me!

Mary-Jane had a party to go to at lunchtime in Whitehaven, lots of fun had there.  As we had the regular weekly shop to do, HK agreed to stay at the party whilst I went to Tesco.  I fell off my perch, HK has never been to any party with Mary-Jane.  All was achieved and I started to have a strange sense of calmness creeping in to my personna.

When we got back, I left HK to put the shopping away whilst I whisked Mary-Jane off to Mawson's Ice Cream Parlour at Seascale.  It was their re-opening day after a well deserved three week break. Mary-Jane had Triple Chocolate and Kendal Mint Cake Ice Cream and I had Chocolate Orange and Reese Ice Cream.  Scrummy.

Another first this evening - my KMix has had it's maiden voyage!  Oh how excited I was getting watching the smooth batter.  I made a batch of chocolate toffee cupcakes, ready for decorating (and eating) tomorrow.

Work is very heavy going at the moment.  The less said in public the better.

I am starting to get enthused again about baking and cooking.  My thoughts have already started to turn to Show Season in the summer.  Lots of planning, preparation and practice between now and then will be the key.

Will try for photos next time!

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