Friday, 3 May 2013

Musing on Planning Cake Baking and a Future New Knitting Thing

I am planning to bake tomorrow for the NSPCC Plant Sale.  I decided to do two cakes from one of my new books - The Clandestine Cake Club.  There are plenty that have caught my eye.  I didn't want to do a cake that required a lot of decoration.  I settled on about a dozen possibilities.  I dreaded the thought process of having to decide.  I made a list of all the definite 'I would like to make this cake', cut the list up and folded the pieces, then got mum to draw out two pieces of paper.  I am now going to make Choo Choo Chai Cake and Magic Bean Cake.  I have bought the necessary ingredients, I couldn't get ground cardamom, so had to settle for cardamom pods and hope I can find a pestle and morter tomorrow.  If I get done in good time, I may just make some coconut pyramids.  I do have to bear in mind doing Mary-Jane's meals and our tea.  The Magic Bean cake doesn't have any filling.  The other one does, but that shouldn't be too bothersome.
I don't want to be on the go all day, at this rate it will probably be most of it!
Mary-Jane is feeling better.  She is more willing to tell us that she is feeling better of okay rather than tell us that she is feeling poorly.  Maybe she doesn't have the words to tell us yet.  She has eaten more and her skin is improving.  The Friday Trip To Tesco seemed to have blown a few of her cobwebs away.  Hopefully she will have another good nights sleep and that will help her.
I have finished the body of her Touch of Lace cardi.  Tomorrow I will start on the sleeves, I was too tired to start anything new this evening.  It's looking pretty.  It dawned on me this evening that I may be moving in a direction of trying something outside my usual box.  To do something either that I wouldn't normally do or some technique that I haven't tried before.  Maybe it could be the cabled aran blanket.  Perish the thought that it would be along the lines of finishing one of the three lace projects that I started last year!  I have quite a lot of hours of TV viewing, so one of the main criteria is that I can do it whilst watching TV.  Or maybe I could allocate one evening a week say, to this New Thing.  We shall see, no doubt I shall change my mind many times before then.

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