Monday, 1 February 2010

Off My Feet (No pictures for this one!!)

Since the early hours on Friday I've been off my feet, good and proper with the ol' 'Can'tmovefarfromthelooplusI'mtooshatteredtoo!' syndrome. Not pleasant, let me tell you! I haven't spent so much time in bed for I don't know how long. That long in fact that my hips hurt from lying on them. I'm drinking but haven't eaten a full meal since Thursday teatime (which left me untimely, upwards,ahem!)

Today I'm up and about, albeit on very slow motion, watching out for dizzy spells. Although I'm getting thirsty and drinking more, my appetite has not really started returning. Yesterday I managed to eat some toast and mashed tattie. I'm aiming for more today! Not quite fit for work till I've eaten and duly processed properly!

I've not even been able to knit...........


Lily said...

You must be "really" ill if you can't knit! Hope you get better soon!

CarpeDyem said...

If I could 'Think Knit' then I would have finished the baby hoodie and be a good way to finishing My Grandma's Blanket!