Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Final BFL Skein Is Red

You guessed that I succumbed to dyeing my last skein of BFL.  I made two dye baths as I wanted a subtle variation in colour.  Overall it's not too bad, I would like it to be more red, a true red.  I am sure it will knit up fine.  I was thinking of dyeing it again, but am not sure at the moment.  The left side has three sachets of Cherry and the right has three of Tropical Fruit Punch.
This is not the best angle for the photo.  I would have liked it to come out as red as the dye bath on the left.  I can now start trawling for likely shawl patterns, gosh that will be hard work!

I had inspiration for further dyeing.  I have got quite a few cones of yarn, most of them do not say what they are.  I may do test samples, with KA to see if they are wool and so are dyeable.  I had pulled them down off the top of the wardrobe to start doing this evening.  I have decided not to, not tonight.  I'll have a night off, and perhaps try tomorrow.

It is still very hot here.  I have only been outside once twice today, into the garden.  Even now at 9pm it is still on the border of uncomfortably hot, the temp remains in the very late twenties and early thirties.  MJ and HK have suffered with the heat again, MJ not quite as much as yesterday nad HK more.

I am having a break from the ASJ and making a cloth for a swap.  I am having fun doing this cloth.  I must remind myself that I must not cast on another project until I have finished either the ASJ or the Lydia Crescent Shawl.  Yeah, right.  Keep telling yourself kiddo!


outtamyheadknits said...

I love your site. I'm also into wools for sock making. Your work is lovely. I'm sorry you're having the same trouble with the error code as me. I have no idea what it's about. It will let me have access, but it's annoying and has never popped up before.
My email is
Ellen is my name :)

CarpeDyem said...

Hello Ellen and Thank you for your comments. The error code is driving me nuts, I've had it for over 24 hours now. I've never ever had a problem with blogger before....